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Do Air Source Heat Pumps Have Any Disadvantages?

As with any new installation, air source heat pumps’ disadvantages are important to know when you’re considering one for your property. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to their supposed disadvantages. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the potential disadvantages of air source heat pumps and why the […]

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4 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bills

As the weather gets colder in autumn and winter, it’s only inevitable that we’ll all turn the heating on sooner or later. That’s absolutely fine – you don’t want to be sitting in the cold, after all. But over time, the costs start to stack up, leaving you searching for ways to save money on […]

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Do Solar Panels “Pay for Themselves”?

Whether it’s a new roof or a more efficient car, there are plenty of investments that supposedly ‘pay for themselves’. Renewable technology is no different. However, are these claims really true, or just something that’s thrown around to make them sound more appealing? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the claims, assessing […]

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A Guide to Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Air source heat pumps are growing in popularity for homeowners that want to reduce their reliance on conventional energy sources. With that mind, more people are interested in how air source heat pumps are installed. How long does it take? Where is the heat pump installed? And do you need planning permission? Read on for […]

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A Guide to UK Air Source Heat Pump Funding & Government Grants

Like many renewable energy sources, air source heat pumps are a worthwhile investment. They reduce the amount of energy your home needs from conventional sources, lower your energy bills and can save you money in the long run. Heat pump funding can make that investment even more beneficial. In this post, we’ll take a closer […]

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Why Should I Consider Solar Panels?

Solar power is one of the most popular sources of renewable energy. It saves you money, is eco-friendly, and comes with many benefits. Below are just some of the reasons our customers love having solar panels: Save money & cut your electricity bills Sunlight is free, so once you've paid for the initial installation, your […]

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Air Source Heat Pump Prices & Savings

With most energy-saving investments, homeowners have the incentive of savings in the long term. That means, over time, they could pay for themselves. And the case is no different for air source heat pumps. It’s estimated you could save up to £1,350 per year for an average, four-bedroomed detached home, by installing a standard air […]

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5 Great Reasons To Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great idea for homeowners that want to generate their own energy. But what benefits does that bring? From a reduced carbon footprint to more money in your back pocket, there are several ways in which solar panels could be advantageous for you and your home. And if you’re considering a solar […]

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A Quick and Easy Guide to Solar Batteries

There’s no doubt about it – solar panels are a revolutionary piece of tech. They make it possible to harness the power of the sun, using photovoltaic cells to absorb light energy and generate electricity. The problem for home and business owners is how to store that energy, and that’s where solar batteries come in. […]

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NBEC Are a Proud Partner of Smart Energy

As an Approved ‘Smart Synergy’ Partner, we are now able to offer our customers the following services:- Mood Lighting Control Solutions Market-Leading Smart-Home Automation Systems from Control4 Multi-Room Audio Multi-Room Audio Bespoke Home Cinema Rooms High Quality Home Network & Wi-Fi Solutions All of these services are professionally specified, commissioned and supported by Smart Synergy, […]

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Are Solar Panels Worth It In 2018?

Solar panels are a popular choice for homeowners who want to generate their own power and save some cash. However, with some investment required upfront and recent changes to the feed in tariff, one of the questions we’re most frequently asked is – are solar panels worth it in 2018? This is an important question. […]

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The Future of Solar Power – 6 Things We Can Expect

We all know the environmental and financial benefits of sustainable energy. And a major part of this is solar power. With technology constantly improving, the future of solar power is looking brighter than ever. New solar discoveries are being made every day with research advancing at lightning speed. So, what can we expect next? Read […]

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Will Renewable Energy Take Over from Coal in 2025?

Environmental concerns, limited supply and the rising cost of fossil fuels have all contributed to a major change in recent years. Namely, the UK’s use of coal is slowly eroding away. With targets to phase out unabated coal-fired power plants by 2025, there are concerns over how this fuel supply will be replaced. Enter renewable […]

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What are the Different Types of Solar Panels?

We may be 93 million miles from the sun. But that doesn't stop its rays beating down on Earth with an intense force that can meet the entire planet's annual energy needs in just one minute. Of course, harvesting this power is a complex process. So, what are our options? Read on as we look […]

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Do You Really Save Money with a Heat Pump?

Air source heat pumps are one of the many ways to make your home more energy efficient. They reduce your dependence on conventional heating methods and lower your property’s impact on the environment as a result. But the question on most homeowners’ minds is: will they save me money? After all, it’s you who will […]

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How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

Air source heat pumps provide heat to your home without using as much energy as conventional heating systems. They’re a great option if you want to become more energy efficient and eco-friendly – not to mention save money. But how do they work? And would they work for your home? Read on as we take […]

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Bye-Bye Boiler – 4 Alternative Ways to Heat Your Home

Gas boilers have been used for decades to heat homes across the UK. In fact, around 85% of UK homes have access to mains gas. But with the rising cost of gas energy and the looming threat of climate change, many homeowners have decided it’s high-time to consider the alternatives. That’s exactly where NBEC can […]

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What Planning Permission Do I Need for Solar Panels?

There are all kinds of reasons to have solar panels installed. They save you money, reduce your impact on the environment and could pay for themselves over time. So, what’s stopping you? One potential hurdle is planning permission. However, in many cases, it needn’t be an issue at all. There are all kinds of reasons […]

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Welcome To Our New Website

After a few busy months of hard work behind the scenes we are excited to share our new website with you all! The website has been designed to help us showcase all our key services with a fresh and dynamic design. It also has a “Blog” section which will keep you informed with the latest […]

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