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A Beginner’s Guide to Air Source Heat Pump Size

Air source heat pump size is a popular area of interest for anyone who wants to invest in renewable energy for their home. However, it’s also something of a mystery, with many homeowners unsure about whether size refers to output or dimensions, and how to find which size is right for them.

In this post, we’ll explore air source heat pump size to help you make the right decision for your home.

Why does air source heat pump size matter?

There are two main reasons why air source heat pump size is important. Firstly, you’ll want to minimise the physical size. While air source heat pumps will be installed in a discreet location, wherever possible, choosing a smaller model will minimise the visual impact to the outside of your home.

Secondly, as their size typically corresponds to their output, you’ll need one that’s big enough to meet your demands for heating and hot water. If an air source heat pump is too small, it may work harder to compensate, wasting energy or even breaking down as a consequence.

Air source heat pump size and capacity

Because of the correspondence between size and output mentioned above, the phrase ‘air source heat pump size’ is most often used to refer to the actual capacity of the heat pump.

Air source heat pumps range in size (capacity), from around 6kW to 15kW. Larger heat pumps produce more heat or hot water for your home. As you might expect, heat pumps with a bigger output are also typically bigger in terms of their physical dimensions.

Smaller models for most homes are typically around a foot in depth, two feet tall and two feet wide. On the other hand, you can expect more powerful commercial air source heat pumps to be larger in physical size too.

Choosing the right air source heat pump size

The air source heat pump size you require depends on a number of factors, including:

  • How much energy you use
  • How well insulated your property is
  • The desired temperature for rooms and water
  • Whether it will be used for water, heating or both

That said, the most useful gauge for air source heat pump size is the size of your home. A house measuring around 1,000 square feet will typically need a 5kw air source heat pump, while one that’s 2,000 square feet will require a larger heat pump of around 10kW.

Find out more about air source heat pump size

If you have any more questions about the right size of air source heat pump for your South Yorkshire home, don’t hesitate to contact the team at NBEC.

With a wealth of experience installing air source heat pumps throughout the local area, our electrical contractors can recommend the right air source heat pump size based on a rigorous assessment of your property, energy use and other requirements.

You’ll get a no-obligation quote for a state-of-the-art model that fits your needs, with installation from Mitsubishi Accredited Installers should you choose to proceed. Call us on 0800 292 2343 or email [email protected].


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