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A Quick and Easy Guide to Solar Batteries

There’s no doubt about it – solar panels are a revolutionary piece of tech. They make it possible to harness the power of the sun, using photovoltaic cells to absorb light energy and generate electricity.

The problem for home and business owners is how to store that energy, and that’s where solar batteries come in.

Read on to find out how solar batteries work, how they vary and how they can be used.

The next big thing

Quite simply, solar batteries are batteries charged by the energy that solar panels generate. Considered the next big thing for solar energy, they come in all shapes and sizes – from small individual batteries to massive grids. Using an inverter, solar panels will send their energy directly to charge solar batteries. So, rather than being sent back into the power grid, excess energy will be stored and used later.

Cost-efficient reserve

As for the benefits of solar batteries, they can help homeowners, businesses and even whole countries save big money. Firstly, because they create an alternative energy source during peak, high cost periods. Some energy consumers are charged more for peak times, like during the evening, but with a solar battery, homeowners can switch to their own reserve during these periods.They also offer a back-up for power cuts or outages. When power goes down, you would normally have to put your life on hold. For homeowners, this could mean spending money to get out of the house – and for businesses it means seriously damaged productivity. That isn’t the case with a solar battery, which can save the day when other power supplies cut out.

Maintaining optimum efficiency

To ensure solar batteries are working safely and efficiently, they should be protected from the weather and stored at the recommended operating temperature. And, as with any technology, solar batteries require some maintenance after installation too. A quality solar battery should last for over a decade, and will need to be replaced periodically to keep your system working at its best.

How do they vary?

Solar batteries aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. For one, they are available from a range of different suppliers – Tesla, LG and Enphase to name just a few. Some of these are designed for specific systems, others are designed for new systems, while some can be fitted to any existing solar panel system.wThere are also different capacities available, from as low as 1 kWh to around 20 kWh for larger systems. And, of course, they vary by their cost. Prices of solar batteries range from £500 to several thousand pounds – plus installation fees. There may also be extra costs for an inverter if your battery is being retrofitted to an existing system. However, this is more of an investment than a cost – as the installation will save you money in the long run.

Installing solar batteries

If you’re looking to improve your home’s solar system with a solar battery – or even install a new system altogether, NBEC can help. We are renewable energy specialists based in South Yorkshire. Our experienced team can provide your home with a suitable, efficient and cost-effective solar battery system to reduce your bills and save you money in the long run. Get in touch today to claim your free, no obligation quote.

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