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Air Source Heat Pumps – Is Noise an Issue?
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Air Source Heat Pumps – Is Noise an Issue?

There’s no questioning the merits of air source heat pumps. They generate heat and hot water from a renewable source to reduce your energy bills. But does that come at a cost to your peaceful home? More specifically, do air source heat pumps generate much noise?

Read on as we take a closer look…

How much noise do air source heat pumps make?

The amount of noise generated by an air source heat pump depends on the system in question. Naturally, larger and more powerful systems will generate a bit more noise. As a rule of thumb, you can expect a noise of around 50 decibels (dB).

To put that into context, 10dB is the level of sound produced by rustling leaves. 25 is a whisper and 40 is light rain. 50dB – the level you can expect from a typical air source heat pump – is the equivalent to a quiet office.

As you can expect, this isn’t a particularly loud noise. It’s also worth noting that it’s a lower level of noise than most conventional boilers produce, with even the quietest models from Worcester Bosch rated at 53dB, for example.

Will I actually hear it?

The noise made by an air source heat pump is already pretty low. But to figure out whether you’ll actually hear it, it’s worth considering how these noise levels are worked out.

Decibel ratings are based on the sound one metre away from its source. So, you’ll only get 50dB of noise if you’re a metre away from your air source heat pump. As you move away, the sound waves will dissipate, and the noise levels will drop.

Considering that air source heat pumps are installed outside the building, you won’t be able to hear anything when you’re inside your property.

Minimising air source heat pump noise

Given that the sound is unlikely to make its way through walls, the main concern for some homeowners is that their air source heat pump noise will be heard in their garden. This can be easily avoided by choosing the right position for your heat pump.

As a permitted development, heat pumps simply need to be one metre from your property’s boundary – where your neighbour’s property begins. Aside from that, they can be positioned up to 15 metres away from the building, giving you quite a bit of scope to position it where it will be least disruptive.

It’s also worth considering that your air source heat pump won’t always be making noise. It will only make a noise when it’s generating heat. In summer, the season you’ll spend most time outdoors, you’re unlikely to have your heating switched on. That means your air source heat pump will be idle anyway, so it won’t make a noise at all.

Find out more about air source heat pumps

All in all, air source heat pump noise really isn’t a major issue. It’s certainly not something that should change your decision about installing a heat pump at your home.

If you would like to find out more about the practicalities of air source heat pump installation, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at NBEC. Our South Yorkshire electrical contractors are on hand to answer any questions and provide a free, no-obligation quote for your installation.

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