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Bye-Bye Boiler – 4 Alternative Ways to Heat Your Home

Gas boilers have been used for decades to heat homes across the UK. In fact, around 85% of UK homes have access to mains gas. But with the rising cost of gas energy and the looming threat of climate change, many homeowners have decided it’s high-time to consider the alternatives.

That’s exactly where NBEC can help. Read on as we take a closer look at 4 home-heating alternatives.

1. Biomass boilers

Biomass is fuel made up of organic matter. Because it comes from plants and animals, it’s completely renewable. A biomass boiler is a ‘like for like’ alternative to a gas boiler, which heats your home through central heating and your water. While carbon dioxide is emitted as biomass burns, this is generally cancelled out by the amount of carbon absorbed while plants were growing.

Unfortunately, biomass boilers are larger than gas boilers, so you will need to make sure you have room for that along with the fuel. Fuel may also be problematic as you need access to a regular or constant source of biomass to use in your boiler. Finally, biomass boilers without a self-cleaning system will require regular cleaning to remove ash.

2. Infrared panels

Infrared panels work by emitting infrared rays, which radiate heat into the surrounding areas. It’s the same kind of heat emitted by the sun – minus the damaging UV rays. When infrared rays are emitted, they bounce around the room and release heat into objects as they hit them by causing molecules to vibrate.

This heat continues to transfer around the room through conduction and convection as well as continuing to radiate. Because infrared panels and their rays heat the objects – and people – themselves, they provide a quicker impact than convection heaters.

The downside to this is the impact is also lost quicker. Because infrared panels don’t heat up the air in the room, you will feel immediately colder when they are switched off. They also have a poor range, requiring multiple heaters for rooms wider or longer than around 3 metres. Finally, unlike the other alternatives, infrared heaters are not powered by renewable energy.

3. Solar panels

Solar panels are one of the most popular options to heat properties with renewable energy. And with good reason too. They absorb heat from the sun which is used to heat water stored in a cylinder. Because sunlight is guaranteed – and free – there’s no need for you to contribute anything once the system’s in place.

While solar panels will work all year round, they may be less effective in the winter months. So, you may still need a boiler or immersion heater to get water to the required temperature.

4. Heat pump

Heat pumps absorb natural heat from the air outside your property. Using a small amount of electricity, they pump this heat to compress it into a hotter gas, which releases heat as it turns back to a fluid. This method works way below 0°C, so it can provide heat in any temperature. Heat can be fed into the property either through hot water and central heating or as hot air by fans.

Reliable alternatives to your gas boiler

Are you looking to reduce your dependence on conventional heating, save money and minimise your carbon footprint? NBEC Electrical Contractors are renewable energy experts based in South Yorkshire.

Whether it’s a commercial or domestic property, we provide free quotes for air source heat pumps and solar heating systems, so you can see just how easy it is to make the switch. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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