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Solar Panel Size – What’s Right for Your Home?

Solar panel size is a vital consideration if you want to make your home as energy efficient as possible. While all solar panels will be beneficial to some degree, having the right size for your property will provide the perfect balance between cost and functionality.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how solar panel size works, why it matters and how to figure out the best size for your property.

How does solar panel size work?

When we speak about solar panel size, we’re not just referring to the physical dimensions, but also the capacity and output.

Solar panels are made up of solar photovoltaic cells (PV cells), which come in a standard size of roughly 6 x 6 inches. With that in mind, a solar panel’s size directly correlates with its capacity and output.

Solar panel output can vary from 1kW up to 5kW for larger domestic properties. A 1kW solar panel system will cover around 86 square feet, while a 5kW system would require almost 350 square feet.

Why does solar panel size matter?

For some things, size doesn’t matter. But for solar panels, it certainly does. If your solar panels aren’t big enough for your home, they won’t produce enough energy for your day-to-day usage. That will leave you reliant on the grid, so you won’t be able to maximise the benefits that solar panels offer – such as independence, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

On the flipside, installing a solar panel that’s too big means paying more for the installation without getting as much back for it. The extra energy you produce will be sent back to the grid, which could earn you some money through the Feed-in Tariff or the Smart Export Guarantee. However, the most cost-effective option is to get a solar panel system that’s just right for your usage.

What size is right for my home?

The right solar panel size for your home depends entirely on the amount of energy you use. According to Ovo Energy, the average UK household uses 3,731 kWh electricity a year. That varies depending on the type of house in question, with terraces houses and flats using less and detached houses using a bit more than average.

Below, you can find some estimates of the annual output for each solar panel size:

  • 1kW – 86 square feet – 850 kWh per year
  • 2kW – 150 square feet – 1,700 kWh per year
  • 3kW – 225 square feet – 2,550 kWh per year
  • 4kW – 300 square feet – 3,400 kWh per year
  • 5kW – 350 square feet – 4,500 kWh per year

Solar panels tailored to your home

If you want to get the right size of solar panels for your home, it’s always best to get advice from the experts. At NBEC, we have helped countless customers across Doncaster and Sheffield get the right solar panel size for their home – and we can help you do the same.

Our MCS approved technicians install the highest quality solar panel products with insurance backed warranties and a 20-year guarantee. To find out more or get a free quote, simply contact our team on 0800 292 2343 or email [email protected].


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