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The Future of Solar Power – 6 Things We Can Expect

We all know the environmental and financial benefits of sustainable energy. And a major part of this is solar power. With technology constantly improving, the future of solar power is looking brighter than ever. New solar discoveries are being made every day with research advancing at lightning speed. So, what can we expect next?

Read on for 6 amazing solar power possibilities that could be coming to you sooner than you think…

1. Solar power will replace fossil fuels

One thing most experts can agree on when it comes to renewable energy is that it will displace fossil fuels when the technology becomes the cheaper and more convenient choice. Solar photovoltaic and wind power are already on the rise, in-fact last year, Britain began generating twice as much electricity from wind than coal, which contributed to 2017 being the greenest year ever for the United Kingdom.

The UK government have also pledged to end the use of coal power plants by 2025, this is after more than 140 years of burning fossil fuels.

These victories for renewables has meant the UK is now leading the way with “one of the largest reductions in coal use across the EU”, according to British Gas. Cleaning up Britain’s energy means more focus on exciting green sources and new solar possibilities.

2. Cheaper solar cells

Want solar for less? Advancements are happening right now when it comes to cheaper solar energy. Scientists and environmental researchers have been working on new perovskite solar cells.

Typical solar cells are made from silicon. They’re great at absorbing light but are still a pricey option. That’s where new perovskite cells come in. Composed of calcium, titanium and oxygen, the new structure will be able to absorb light and will make solar energy an even cheaper alternative to fossil fuels.

An added benefit of perovskite cells is that they can be integrated into a wider range of devices. As well as being cheaper, it’s a development opens up a whole range of possibilities for the future of solar power.

3. Solar paint

One major expansion of solar energy could see solar cells dissolved into solvents and sprays.

Researchers at RMIT University in Australia are championing an innovative technology called ‘solar paint’. It holds the interesting possibility of absorbing moisture to eventually turn into hydrogen and use for clean energy.

With hopes to commercialise solar paint in the next five years, we could soon be seeing solar powered walls soaking up energy throughout the year.

4. Printable solar panels

Could the sustainable energy market be rocked by printable solar panels?

Developers are currently researching printable solar cells, which would utilise thin film technology. They would potentially use a similar process to printing newspapers – all thanks to perovskite cells. The cells would create a light-gathering film which can be attached to other materials.

5. Powered by pavements

The increasing popularity of solar roof panels is great news for the environment, but there’s only a finite amount of space to install them. Luckily scientists from Glasgow Caledonian University have come up with an innovative solution – solar power-generating tiles.

Developments would generate solar energy from public walkways and pavements that are exposed to daylight. These tiles would also have a cooling mechanism to allow them to remain functional even in hot climates.

6. Solar windows

To harness energy from all urban spaces, the future could even be home to solar powered windows. Research has already begun on solar panels that let through enough light to function as a window.

Using organic solar cells, the development will create a low cost and semi-transparent solution for solar power. This means those impressive skyscrapers made entirely of windows could potentially become more impressive by generating their own solar energy.

Do you want to go solar?

Is it time you reaped the rewards of solar power? Why not look to install solar panels on your home? NBEC provides high quality solar solutions across South Yorkshire and beyond. As an MCS-certified provider, our panels allow you to benefit from the feed-in tariff and even have a 20-year guarantee. So, you’ll be ready for whatever the future holds. Our experienced team of specialists are on hand to help every step of the way. Get in touch today for your free quote.

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