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Will an Air Source Heat Pump Work with My Radiators?
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Will an Air Source Heat Pump Work with My Radiators?

Air source heat pumps are marketed as a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to conventional gas boilers. However, to live up to that label, they need to perform one of your boiler’s most important functions – heating up your radiators.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the practicalities of air source heat pumps and radiators.

How does an air source heat pump warm up radiators?

Air source heat pumps warm up your radiators much the same as a conventional boiler. They heat up water, which is fed through to radiators to warm them up. This heat then gradually increases the temperature of the room where the radiator is situated.

The main differences are how that water is heated and how hot it gets. Air source heat pumps work by extracting heat from external air as a fluid. This is compressed into a gas to increase its temperature, then condensed back to a fluid to release its heat – which can be used to heat water.

That water is typically heated to around 45-50°C, which is certainly hot enough to warm your radiators. However, it’s worth noting that this is not as hot as most people have their boilers set. Instead, air source heat pumps work best for larger radiators and longer periods…

Best practice for air source heat pump radiators

Most gas boilers heat water to at least 60°C. Admittedly, water this hot can heat a room very quickly. However, in many cases, it will actually make a room too warm and waste energy in the process.

Because of the lower temperatures generated, air source heat pumps are best suited to large radiators and even underfloor heating, as they provide a greater surface to gradually release heat. But that’s not the only type of radiator they can work with.

In truth, air source heat pumps work well with most radiators as long as they are used over long periods. Rather than providing quick burst of heat, they’re best suited to keeping homes at a consistent, comfortable temperature.

Instead of flicking on radiators when it’s too cold and turning them off when it gets stuffy, you can simply leave them on for longer and stay warm. With the heat being generated renewably, and only requiring a bit of electricity, it’s still much cheaper and a lot better for the environment.

Will an air source heat pump work with your radiators?

Radiators come in all shapes and sizes. Particularly small models may not be the best fit for an air source heat pump. In this case, you could still reduce boiler use, conserve energy and save money by using a heat pump for your hot water.

If you want to get a better idea of how suitable your existing radiators are for an air source heat pump, the best way is to speak to the experts. At NBEC, we supply and install high-performance air source heat pumps throughout South Yorkshire.

With a wealth of experience in the latest renewable technology, we can advise on the best course of action to make your home more energy efficient. To discuss your requirements in more depth or arrange a free, no obligation quote, simply contact us online.

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