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Solar Panel Batteries
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Solar Panel Batteries

Solar batteries enable the cost-effective use of solar power day and night. A Solar Panel Battery is a great addition to your new or existing solar solution and, as technology advances, we believe that solar battery storage is the future. As one of South Yorkshire’s leading providers in solar technology, we are committed to helping customers throughout Doncaster, Sheffield and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire experience the many benefits solar batteries have to offer.

Solar batteries maximise your ability to use the electricity generated by your solar panels, and can take your solar energy consumption from 25% to a whopping 80%! You don’t even need solar panels to benefit. If you are on the economy 7 tariff, you can charge batteries using cheap electric through the night, allowing you to use this electricity in the day.

Lower your bills, go off grid and be more eco-friendly, with a solar battery installation from NB Electrical Contractors.

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Fox ESS 7.8kWh
Next generation high-voltage high-efficiency solar panel battery storage from Fox ESS.
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from £3595
GivEnergy ECO LIFE PO4
Solar-Panel-Battery-StorageContact Us
from £4995
Floor or wall mounting.
Scaleable to 25.2KWh’s.
Up to 6kW charge / discharge rate.
3 phase load balancing.
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from £6995
LG Chem
High Voltage – high efficiency battery storage.
Compatible with multiple inverter types including Solar Edge.
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Solar Panel Battery Storage

Conventionally, electricity generated by solar panels can either power your appliances or feed back into the grid. With solar battery storage, this leftover electricity can be stored as a reserve. That means you don’t lose excess energy, and you can build up a serve for winter when there’s less daylight. For smaller systems, electricity can be stored and saved for peak periods when energy prices are higher; helping you make the most of the electricity your solar panels generate.

Battery storage minimises your reliance on the grid, and is essential for off-grid homes who have no back-up electricity supply. They can even provide a power supply for homeowners during power cuts. Like solar panels, solar batteries come in different sizes, with bigger options usually costing more. They can store anything from 1kWh – enough for a few hours of TV – to larger 20 kWh, 50 kWh or even 100 kWh models, typically costing upwards of £850. Contact us for more information on our solar panel battery installations.

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Sell Your Unused Solar Battery Energy

Smart battery systems now store electricity from the grid when its cheap and sells it back at a premium. As well as dramatically reducing your energy bill, these batteries are like your own little stock broker.

Solar batteries also allow you to store unused energy to sell back to the grid. Using a partner like Social Energy you can ensure you get the best price for your unused energy as they trade this in the market to the highest bidder. Please watch our short video for more information.

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Sell Solar Panel Battery Energy

Solar Panel Batteries Help Guides

A Quick and Easy Guide to Solar Batteries

There’s no doubt about it – solar panels are a revolutionary piece of tech. They make it possible to harness the power of the sun, using photovoltaic cells to absorb light energy and generate electricity. The problem for home and business owners is how to store that energy, and that’s where solar batteries come in. […]

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